Thursday, October 30, 2008


So like every other woman in the world, I decided to give the Twilight series a go. I hate to admit that I was completely enthralled by this teenage/vampire/love story. What does that say about me? I read the first book in 3 days, the second and third books took me a week each and I am currently halfway through the fourth and final book. So last week we had an "extra credit" book club for the Twilight groupies. We met at Niko's downtown in a private dining room. There were some very funny T-shirts (Nicole's said "Edward prefers brunettes" on the front and "Boys in books are just better" on the back. I also think there was a "bite me" on there somewhere.) Lisa was in full vampire attire with leather, bite marks on her neck, and pale makeup. Nicole did trivia with prizes (I won a Barnes and Noble gift card). Even though Garth totally teases me about being obsessed about a vampire book, I realized at this book group that I am on the tame end of the obsession. I got a kick out of hearing people's stories about neglecting their kids and husbands while they delved into this series. One of my favorite parts of the night was when everyone shared "their Edward" there sure were some handsome men being passed around the table.
My Edward was this picture of Johnny Depp. I know he's too old to play a 17 year old but I think he has the right face and mannerisms to play a great vampire. Not to mention, he's totally hot! I am going to stop before I completely sound like a lame obsessed teenager (oops am I too late?) but the pictures and the funny quotes of the night are on our Novels and Nibbles blog.


Natalie said...

That cracks me up! I haven't read the series (I must be the only woman on Earth who hasn't) because I haven't been able to touch a book since I graduated from college. I read 42 novels in my last semester, so I have a serious aversion these days. You gals really are geeky, huh? Just kidding...I think it's fun to have something to be totally excited about. Did you do a heelstretch at your book club? :)

Heather said...

I haven't read them either, but I am feeling the pressure to do so. Maybe I really should, especially since the movie is coming out so soon.

Jen and Ky said...

Oh man, I was a little bit like your friends that was a neglectful wife and mother while I was reading those books. I was introduced to them when they first came out (by my teenage cousins) so I had to wait and read them one at a time which was frustrating but also nice because then I was only a zombie for a couple of days at a time as they each came out!

I would have loved to see the Edward photos...I'm not sure that I'm crazy about the guy they chose to play Edward in the movie, but of course I'll see it anyway and will probably love it! What a fun party idea!

Also, I can't believe how spoiled Carter was for his birthday!