Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Different Kind of Buoy

Something is killing the carp in our lake. There are nasty bloated carp floating around that I literally have to ski around. They make a lovely smell, as you can imagine, and make even this die-hard skier think twice about getting in the lake. Fish and wildlife doesn't know why they are dying. . .I just want them to clean up the dead ones so I can ski in peace.

Our Favorite Ironman

Garth's youngest brother, Joe, competed in the Coeur d' Alene Ironman this year. One year ago, he didn't own a bike, didn't really know how to swim, he was a great runner but had never run a marathon.
This year. . .

2.4 mile swim

112 mile bike

26.2 mile run

12 hours and 12 minutes!!

We went to Coeur d' Alene to cheer him on at the finish. Theresa told us he was wearing a blue shirt with white stripes (the one in the bike picture). We were all watching people finish and clapping for them but were very focused on finding a blue shirt coming down that last stretch. All of a sudden Tony says "hey that's Joe" He was literally right next to us reaching his hand out. We almost missed him and didn't get to give him the big whoops and hollers we had planned on.
The funniest thing was Garth and I both saw him coming but only noticed the "crazy pink shirt on that guy."
Congratulations Joe!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


On June 25th, my baby turned ONE!
It must be true what they say about the last child getting the shaft. I didn't even bake a cake for this one's first birthday. We went to Garth's dad's for Father's Day and since it was so close to her birthday, Lori bought cupcakes and ice cream and let Olivia loose.

She ended up with frosting in her hair, up her nose, and all over her clothes. Garth and I agreed that the cake in the face ordeal is mostly fun for the grandparents so we didn't do it again with a homemade cake. On her actual birthday, my parents met us at Red Robin for dinner and some birthday ice cream. She wasn't too impressed with their birthday song, but she loved the ice cream with chocolate sauce!

Notice that all of these pictures were taken from Garth's iphone. I didn't even have my act together enough to bring the camera. Happy first birthday Olivia, we love you so much!

Shattered Hopes

You would think that someone who spent 10+ years in medical school to be a dermatologist would know the difference between the words "diagnosed" and "treated." After the first couple of weeks of warmish summer weather, Carter's feet were in such bad shape. I called around to all the dermatologists in Spokane, trying to find someone who had treated Epidermolysis Bullosa. Most hadn't ever seen it but I found one who claimed to have treated it. I made an appointment, drug all the kids there (luckily my dad showed up to help with kids and to provide some information). The doctor looks at his feet and says "what he has is E.B." . . . duh. "unfortunately, there is no cure, we can only try to prevent the blisters and manage the pain". . .I've been doing that for 7 years. She did draw us a little picture to demonstrate why he gets such bad blisters, there is just nothing she, or anyone else, can do about it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Father's Day Fun

The kids and I braved a project for Garth for Father's Day. We made some stepping stones for our backyard. Thank goodness for the farm where we could have a large, indestructible workspace, two extra adults to keep the little ones busy, and a hiding spot from Garth while they set. Carter and Sydney made their own. They each put a hand print, Sydney did a flower with rain, and Carter did a red SF (for his 49er loving dad). Derek and Olivia barely let me put a hand print. In fact, Olivia wouldn't even touch the cement so Ele held her while I shoved her foot into it. The big reveal on Father's Day.

Daddy Daughter Date

On Father's Day weekend, Garth took Sydney to Haute Heads, a local salon. They had a super fun Daddy/Daughter day. The ladies there taught the dads how to do their girls hair.

They taught french braids. . .

Buns. . .

fish bones, and how to use a curling iron.
I am very impressed with Garth's new hair skills, although I must admit that even before his lessons he did hair better than any dad I have ever met. Then to make the afternoon even more memorable, Sydney got her first Shirley Temple at Red Lion (the best place in Spokane for ribs). I love that Garth did this with her and the fact that it was all his idea makes it that much more special.