Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time’s a Tickin’ Dance Recital 2012

This year Sydney got to dance in 3 numbers.  Her Little Jewels did “Kiss Me” her tap class did “Jailhouse Rock” and the highlight for her was that she got to participate in the finale!  It was the 10 year anniversary of the studio so each of the competitive groups did a dance from one of the past themes.  Her group got HA! HA! HA! from 2010 so they were dressed as clowns.  Super fun.  She especially loved at the end coming out with all the “big girls” from all the competitive groups.  It was so fun to be part of this year.  (Even if it did take up our whole weekend :)


photo 1(She’s fourth from the right).

Friday, June 29, 2012

48 hours in Utah

A few months ago, my cousin Mackenzie casually mentioned that it would be fun if Sydney and I could come to Utah to watch her dance.  (She dances for the Utah Blaze, Salt Lake’s arena football team).  I didn’t think it would happen but mentioned it to Garth and he informed me that we had enough miles to fly free and that I should go!

We hopped on the plane early Friday morning and headed to SLC with a very full itinerary!

DSC00608We were greeted at the airport by my dear friend from Ricks College, Natalie and her two cute girls Amber and Carly.  We went straight downtown to see temple square.

DSC00609DSC00610DSC00611DSC00613DSC00614DSC00615Then we had to check out the new City Creek Mall that we’ve heard so much about.  It was amazing.  All of this stuff is inside a mall with a retractable roof. . .so cool!

DSC00616DSC00618DSC00619We had a quick visit for lunch with my cousin Amber and her boys Jaxon and Dylan.DSC00621DSC00622Then over to Westgate Mall to meet up with Mackenzie shortly before she had to work.  The girls took the chance to cool off in the fountains.

DSC00624DSC00625DSC00623DSC00626Next it was pool party time with the Clark crew at Natalie’s in-laws house.


After a long day of fun, we ended up at Shelley Liljenquist’s house (she’s Natalie’s mom and my old cheerleading coach) where we would spend the night.  Sydney was thrilled that we were staying in the room of one of the Pink Stillettos and better yet, that her closet was full of costumes!  Needless to say there was a fashion show! 


Day two was spent mostly with cousin Mackenzie.  She picked us up and we got pedicures (Sydney’s first ever). 

DSC00633DSC00634  Gotta love the hot pink zebra stripes!DSC00635

Then lunch, some more shopping, and finally the game!

DSC00639DSC00640It was so fun to watch Kenzie dance and we had a special surprise that my Uncle Matt danced with  her at half-time (all the dads came for father’s day and did a performance with their daughters).DSC00642DSC00643It was mascot night or something.  All the mascots from local teams were there, this is the Hawk from Utah State.  DSC00645DSC00646DSC00648DSC00649

Syd felt like a celebrity after the game.  Kenzie got us down on the field and she introduced us to the dancers, Syd got to congratulate the players as they ran off the field, then she got to run and dance on the actual field!


Early Sunday morning, we were back on the plane. . .sleep deprived but very happy girls!!!DSC00663

Thursday, June 28, 2012


My dearest friend for most of my Ferris High School Days was Sarah Gilpin.  We spent countless hours together.  I loved this girl.  08-05-2012 03;53;18PM



This is us all dressed up for Ferris High School’s “Rubber Chicken”




Hanging out at my house after Homecoming Sr. Year.

08-05-2012 03;53;18PM2

But life happens.  She headed off to Connecticut to dance (she was an amazing ballerina) and I went off to Idaho for college and we didn’t do a good job of keeping in touch.  I recently ran into her mom when Garth and I were out to dinner one night and the next day she found me on facebook.  So after 10 years of no contact, we got together again.  DSC00605She brought her husband and two adorable boys and we spent the afternoon catching up.  It was so fun to see her again!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


It’s a little odd that I am posting pictures of my four year old, and my seven year old accomplishing the same task, but here it is.  Sydney is finally riding her bike (still with some screaming and drama but she can really do it now)DSC00422DSC00423

And Derek is riding his bike sans training wheels.  DSC00426DSC00427

My neighbor observed that Derek rides his bike a little like the 9/11 terrorists. . . gets help with the take off, doesn’t worry about the landing, but has the middle part covered. 

And here’s one of Carter with his “no hands, pretending he’s texting while biking trick.”