Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Neighbors

  1. After four years of talking about it, my cousin and his family finally built a house on the lot they own down the street from us.  We are super excited for new neighbors and close cousins to play with.  Addie calls Garth “second uncle Garth.”  Makes sense, since she understands that she and Sydney are second cousins.  I had them over for dinner the other night and had to take a picture because from April to June this year our kids were ages  1-Emilia Rippy   2-Olivia Hamilton   3-Meron Rippy   4-Derek Hamilton   5-Lane Rippy   6-Addie Rippy   7-Sydney Hamilton   8-Kimball Rippy and   9-Carter Hamilton.  Too crazy!DSC00607

Here they are 1 through 9!

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