Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Status: Diaper Free!!!

After nine years of changing diapers. . .our house is diaper free!

Olivia has been wearing underwear day and night for a couple of months now.  I didn’t want to jinx it by posting too soon but I think we are in the clear.  Last week, we took our extra diapers and gave them to my friend’s baby Kate.  Olivia was so proud of herself, announcing that Kate can have them because she doesn’t need them anymore.  Woo-hoo!!


I’m a Lucky Girl

Spring 2012 has been a good one for me.  I got to be a team member for Time Out For Women again (which Garth so sweetly calls “Overtime for Men”).  It is so wonderful to spend time in a room full of women hearing incredible music, inspirational stories, and talks that compel you to be a better mother/wife/daughter/friend. 

A couple of short weeks later, Garth and I got to go to California together sans kids!  My amazing mother-in-law took a couple of days off work and stayed at our house with the kids and we flew off worry free!  Here are the highlights.

We flew out REALLY early.  Early enough to have breakfast on the warf in Santa Cruz.  It was a beautiful sunny morning so we walked along the beach, shopped a little then hopped in the car to head to Carmel.


Our room was incredible. . .bigger than our first apartment.  I’m still not sure who really needs an 800 sq. foot hotel room, but I will take it!


I had to laugh when this little guy was sitting right outside the door to our room.  I couldn’t help but remember our little friend who “have a home” in the rafters of our hotel room in Costa Rica.  Luckily, his home seemed to be outside!


We stayed at the Carmel Valley Ranch.  The hotel property is 500 acres of beautiful land. . . including a Pete Dye golf course.  Garth was kicking himself the whole time for not bringing his clubs, I, on the other hand was happy to have the extra time with him!


The real reason we were there (on the company’s dime) was for an insurance conference.  So Monday and Tuesday while Garth spent the better part of the day in classes, I did stuff like this. . .


We did get away in the evenings for some downtown Carmel sight-seeing and we ate at a couple of amazing restaurants. 


Dametra was our favorite.  It was this tiny Mediterranean place with so much charm and personality.  The owner greets you at the door (or often outside on the sidewalk). 



We were surprised during dinner when the owner came out with his cook and serenaded everyone.  You just don’t find places like this in Spokane. 


Our last day, we had some time to kill between check-0ut and our flight so we went to Monterey for some fun.  We had to get Carter a shirt from the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. 

DSC00385DSC00386Then we accessed our inner child and played in this 3D mirror maze and lazer challenge.  We were definitely not as good (or as sexy) as Catherin Zeta Jones maneuvering through the maze but it was still fun!


Now that we are back, I get to look forward to a trip to Utah with Sydney in a couple of weeks!

Picture Day

I am always torn when I see Sydney all made up and in costume for dance.  Part of me thinks she is adorable and the other part is terrified of her looking like a teenager!


This is Natalie, her best little friend from dance.