Friday, May 28, 2010

Budding Artist

Sydney LOVES to draw, paint, color, write etc. I really enjoy seeing her artwork and it is fun to discover one of your kids' talents. She is creative, imaginative and quite accurate. The problem is that I get stacks and stacks of pictures like these on a daily basis.
Spring in Spokane. Rapunzel in her tower.
Getting excited for a field trip to Cat Tales (I love the lips on the tiger, and is she wearing earrings?).

These works of art sit around cluttering my counters and computer desk until one of us (usually Garth) tosses them. She makes so many, she never misses them but I do feel a little bad. I need a good guilt-free idea of what to do with them.

Freezing FHE

A few weeks ago (May 10th), for family home evening, we launched the boat and went for a little cruise. Garth and I were both in sweatshirts. . .the kids wore swimsuits and even jumped in! That Friday and Saturday Garth and I skied but wore full wetsuits, the kids jumped in again. Since then, the weather has been dreary and rainy. The poor boat has been sitting in the canal getting soaked. Hopefully we will get a bit of sunshine (or at least a respite from the rain) the long weekend and we can go out again. I am not holding my breath, it is Spokane in May afterall.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tutu Trial and Error

About a year ago, Sydney was dying for a tutu. She was in her first ballet class and they had all kinds of adorable yet overpriced tutu's in the dance studio. So I got on You Tube and watched some tutorials and made this puffy pink tutu. It was a no-sew tutu. All I did was cut 3 inch strips of tulle and tie them around an elastic waistband. It cost about $4 and took me a couple of hours. Although it turned out cute, it was a big bunchy mess after only a couple of wears and it continues to get worse. So a few months later, for her cousin's birthday, we made this tutu. For this one I (with some help from my friend Julie) cut long, wide strips of tulle, sewed a pocket for the elastic then gathered it up and sewed it shut. Not too bad. It solved the bunching problem but was not nearly fancy or puffy enough for me. It looked a little more like a see through skirt.
So several months went by and I decided to go for the no-sew version again but just cut wider strips and layer them before tying them.
This one was the winner! It was just the right amount of "fluff" and has barely bunched after repeated wear.
Next time, I might just leave the crafty things for the crafty people.

Terrible Two's

Being two is hard.
So much of the time you feel like this. . .
Probably because those darn tall people in your life just don't understand what it is you want. Occasionally they'll get it and you feel like this. . .It starts about 18 months when you want to explain what it is that would make you happy, calm, content or comfortable but you just don't know any other way than this. . .
or this. . .The good news is it will only last for a couple of years. Then I'll have the vocabulary to tell you exactly what I need (unfortunately, I will probably do it with a big attitude). So here is to fewer moments like these. . .
And more like these. . .

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Say Can You See

Check out Carter's talent show debut! He decided the night before tryouts that he did, in fact, want to try out (after repeatedly telling me he didn't). He wanted to sing the National Anthem and he wanted to do it acapella. When he called me to pick him up after tryouts, he said "Mom, guess what? I made it! And they want me to be the opening act!" I was so impressed at his confidence especially considering he had never even seen a talent show and didn't mind going first. It was scarier than he thought once he got up there. He starts out pretty quiet but does a pretty amazing job. I know I'm a little biased, but see for yourself.