Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tutu Trial and Error

About a year ago, Sydney was dying for a tutu. She was in her first ballet class and they had all kinds of adorable yet overpriced tutu's in the dance studio. So I got on You Tube and watched some tutorials and made this puffy pink tutu. It was a no-sew tutu. All I did was cut 3 inch strips of tulle and tie them around an elastic waistband. It cost about $4 and took me a couple of hours. Although it turned out cute, it was a big bunchy mess after only a couple of wears and it continues to get worse. So a few months later, for her cousin's birthday, we made this tutu. For this one I (with some help from my friend Julie) cut long, wide strips of tulle, sewed a pocket for the elastic then gathered it up and sewed it shut. Not too bad. It solved the bunching problem but was not nearly fancy or puffy enough for me. It looked a little more like a see through skirt.
So several months went by and I decided to go for the no-sew version again but just cut wider strips and layer them before tying them.
This one was the winner! It was just the right amount of "fluff" and has barely bunched after repeated wear.
Next time, I might just leave the crafty things for the crafty people.

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Jen and Ky said...

I have quite the tutu story. Have you heard of the pettiskirt? It's basically a tutu but made out of chiffon instead of tulle so it's soft and full instead of "itchy". We found a tutorial on Martha Stewart showing how to make the skirt. It sounded easy enough so we bought all the supplies and went to work. After many late nights and unpicked seams, the lesson we learned is this - just spend the outrageous $75 if you want a pettiskirt, it's worth every penny to avoid the nightmare we experienced trying to make one! Next time I'll have to try the no-sew version!