Monday, April 30, 2012

Talent Show

I will spare you all the very long video of the entire talent show and just show you the picture the amazing PTG mom took that plans and carries out this event.  I am so glad other people have the talents, time, and desire to provide moments like these for my kids. 


Carter is in the middle row in the tan suit.  He played “El Matador” and “Beethoven’s 5th” (a simplified version) on the piano.  I think it is so cute that he wanted to wear his suit to school and look nice for his performance. 

Sydney is in the front row (third from the left).  She did a jazz dance to the Black Eyed Peas “Pump It”.  I was not sure if this dance would come to fruition.  She wanted to choreograph it and didn’t want to hear ANY suggestions from me, or be pushed to practice at all.  She did great and got a ton of compliments on her dance.  She is such a little performer!

Long Beach, WA

Garth recently purchased a used tent trailer so for Spring Break, we decided to go somewhere and try it out.  He has been wanting to go to the Washington peninsula for a long time so we packed up and headed to Long Beach.


The first night was a true test of the trailer.  Had there been any holes, we would have found out because it dumped buckets on us ALL night long.  The kids were troopers, they donned their rain gear and went off exploring.DSC00247DSC00253DSC00254DSC00256DSC00258

The visitor’s center.


Whale skeleton


This guy is the king of the dutch oven!




Day 3 was so rainy that we got in the car and drove south to Oregon.  We spent the afternoon at the Tillamook Cheese Factory watching workers, driving the baby loaf, and eating yummy ice cream!


We spent time at the beach every day.  It’s not exactly the warm tropical experience I’ve had before but still beautiful.


Who knew driftwood could be so fun?DSC00295DSC00296DSC00297DSC00301DSC00303DSC00299                                  There are lighthouses in two spots along the peninsula.  This one is the North Head Lighthouse.

Sydney and I tried to hike up to it but due to all the rain, the trail eventually washed out and we were up to our ankles in mud. 


So later that day, we all drove up to it.

DSC00310 - CopyDSC00311 - Copy

This is where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.  It is really cool to see, of course the picture doesn’t do it justice.

DSC00312 - Copy

Garth had a birthday while we were there so we headed into town and he bought everyone a kite and we spent the afternoon flying kites on the beach.

DSC00313 - CopyDSC00316 - CopyDSC00317 - CopyDSC00323 - CopyDSC00327 - CopyDSC00329 - Copy

Then we went out to dinner and Garth said that all he wanted for his birthday was for everyone to do an oyster shooter.  Everyone but Carter chickened out.  And though he looks reluctant in the picture, once he got it in his mouth, he swears he loved it!DSC00332 - CopyDSC00333 - CopyDSC00334 - Copy

We borrowed a bike trailer from Garth’s brother and a trail bike attachment from my cousin so we could all go on some rides together.  We are not really a bike riding family (mostly because when the weather is nice, we are on the boat).  But it was super fun to ride together, and on this day, we rode up to the other lighthouse, the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

DSC00335 - CopyDSC00336 - Copy

Cape Disappointment is the furthest West that the Lewis and Clark Expedition went.  They spent many months there learning about the mouth of the Columbia River.  Up by the lighthouse, there is a Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center we took the kids to.

DSC00339 - CopyDSC00343 - CopyDSC00349 - Copy

DSC00350 - Copy

Now the real reason Garth wanted to come to Long Beach was to dig for razor clams.  The beach turns into the highway with miles and miles of cars parked right on the sand and hoards of people walking around looking for clam holes. 


DSC00359DSC00358 DSC00357

Razor clams are big (not like steamers) and have a more fragile shell (this we discovered after crushing a couple).  Carter caught the biggest one!DSC00363