Friday, September 25, 2009


Overheard in the car.
Carter: Sydney, do you have recess at preschool?
Sydney: No but we have play time.
Carter: What do you do in play time?
Sydney: We do geoboards, games, toys. . .
Carter: We have that in first grade too, they just call it
"free choice."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shredding with Sharon

This is one of my ski buddies, Sharon. She is the originator of "ladies day" skiing. She has been a boat owner for years and invited me to ski with her when we first moved out here. Now we usually take my boat (saves us time since we don't have to launch). We went last week to celebrate her 46th birthday! It was a perfect 88 degree day and we didn't see another boat on the water.
I hope I can ski like that when I am 46! Happy B-day Sharon, lets make it a tradition!


This is Carter on his first day of first grade at Nine Mile Falls Elementary. He is super excited to be a first grader. He has an amazing teacher, Mrs. Hare that I am really excited about.
The school got a much needed make-over last year and over the summer. New classrooms, library, computer lab, walkway to the gym (they used to have to go outside to get there), landscaping etc. It is still a very small school but very much improved now!
Garth is such a great dad! He made these yummy teddy bear pancakes to commemorate the first day of school for Carter, then again on Sydney's first day of preschool.

Sydney is going to Sunshine Preschool. It is a preschool in the home of a lady that used to be in our ward. I was hesitant because wanted her to get a classroom experience and not preschool at someones kitchen table. Clearly this is no kitchen table preschool. The classroom is big, bright and packed with fun things to do.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life is Good

We have a new cousin!
Brooklyn Dawn (my sister Kim's newest addition) was born on August 27th weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce.

And we've been getting laughs and smiles like these every day.


I have used this beautiful antique bassinet for each one of my kids. It has been in the Hamilton family for four generations. I have been told that Grandpa Norm's sister slept in it as a baby. It is pretty small so the kids don't last too long in it (especially at my house where babies get kicked out of my room quite early) so this is the fist time I have gotten a picture before taking it back to it's place Norm's barn where it awaits the next Hamilton arrival.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This is not normally the time of year I think about traditions, however, last night as Garth was giving my kids back to school father's blessings, it was on my mind. My dad gave us blessings before school started each year and it was always a comfort to me. Before Garth gave Carter his blessing, he asked if there was anything in particular he was concerned or worried about for school. Carter shrugged and said "when the Lord is with you, what is there to worry about?" I am grateful for the priesthood in my home, glad to have the example of faithful kids, and glad my parents started many great traditions for our family.