Saturday, May 30, 2009

Next Generation Blogger

We went to the library this week and Carter was complaining because he didn't want to listen to story time (he's much too old for that). I told him he could play the kid games they have on the computer while Derek, Sydney and I listened to story time. When it was over, I went over to tell him it was time to pick out the chapter books he wanted. I noticed he was not playing the kid games but had gotten on When I told him it was time to pick out books he said,
"Just a minute mom, I'm reading Dwight Howard's Blog!"

Torrey Pines

I mentioned in an earlier post that Garth was off on a golf/business trip. Here are pictures of the highlight of his trip . . .golfing Torrey Pines.

Don't miss this green, your ball will be in the ocean!

Apparently, the Torrey Pine Tree is one of the rarest pines in the U.S. There are only about 4,000 of them that grow in a narrow strip on the California coast in San Diego. Living in Washington, I had no idea there was such a thing as a rare pine tree!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

Carter got in the water with skis on twice this weekend. He didn't actually ski because he decided it was much too cold once the water hit his chest. Most of the adults still wore wetsuits so I can't blame him. He was proud to show off his new rash guard though!
Sydney and cousin Paige spent all day playing on the beach and in the water, never past their knees.

Derek had a rough weekend. It started with pink eye, continued with a smashed chin on our fireplace, but ended happily with lots of driving the boat.
For Garth and I, the weekend started with work in the yard and ended with play on the boat. My brother Bryan and his family came up from Yakima so my whole family was together for the first time since Christmas.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Did It!

A few weeks ago, we finally finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family. After we read the last chapter, Garth and I were making some sarcastic comments about how it ONLY took us two and a half years to get through it. Carter put us in our place and made a comment about what a big deal it was that we got through it even though it took a long time. So we decided to celebrate. The next night we made cookies together and talked about our favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. The cookies were the best part for the kids, of course.
Now we can start over again and regardless of how long it takes us, I hope the stories and principles they learn while we read will stick with them.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What We Did This Weekend

First, three games of this. . .Then we scrubbed. . .
Vacumed. . .
And launched the boat!!!!

Now, we will be doing lots of this. . .

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spoon Feeding

Check that out! Derek fed himself a bowl of yogurt. Of course, half of it ended up on his face, bib, pants and in his hair but still he did it. He can also use a fork for easy things like french toast or eggs. Again, very messy and he misses half the time but it is fun to see him showing some independence.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Tidbits

*First of all, I want to give myself a quick pat on the back. This is my 100th post! I am pretty proud of myself for being consistent and I am glad to have some sort of "journal."

*My mom had to speak in church on Mother's Day and she called Carter the day before to get his thoughts on his mother (believe it or not, Carter at 6 years old is extremely articulate and a bit of a spiritual giant!) My mom asked him how he feels about his mom and he said "pretty good" (considering how moody and pregnant I am, I took that as a compliment). So then she asked him "how can you honor your mother. . .do you know what honor is?" Carter, without missing a beat says, "yeah, it's like the praise we give veterans." He then told her that he could honor me by obeying when I tell him to turn off video games. That would be great!

*My Mother's Day started out normal with early church etc. but Garth took the kids outside to play in the afternoon and I got to sit on the couch and read a book in total quiet! That was a real treat to me. Then we went to my mom's for dinner and the husbands all made dinner. We felt guilty for just a second as we were sitting on the couch while the men cooked, but we got over it quickly.

*Carter offered the prayer at dinner and I was touched by what he said. "Bless the moms all over the world with the strength to prepare their children." Seriously, I don't know where this stuff comes from. He's a great kid!

*The kids filled out questionnaires on their mom's in Primary and I had to smile at some of their answers. Sydney said her mom is 50 years old. Carter said my favorite thing to do is watch cooking shows and Sydney says it's the computer. They both said the best thing I cook is "cheesy tunnels" (that's what we call manicotti). And they both said the thing they like best is that I play with them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vocabulary Lesson

Sydney (to Carter at lunch): What is this fruit called again?

Carter: Cantaloupe.

Sydney: Oh yeah.

Carter: Cantaloupe is also an animal that tigers chase and eat.

I think you mean antelope.

Impromptu Fiesta

Garth and I get a kick out of Cinco De Mayo. In our experience, Mexicans don't really celebrate the holiday. Americans definitely celebrate it more than the families we lived with in Mexico. Americans think it is Mexican Independence Day but that is not the case (their independence day is September 16).

Regardless, my kids had a blast celebrating Cinco de Mayo at our favorite Mexican store and deli De Leon Foods this Saturday. We were on our way home from a soccer game and I planned to stop in to get some tortillas (completetly forgetting that it was cinco de mayo weekend). When we got there, the parking lot was all roped off and there was all kinds of fun stuff for the kids. We got there right when they opened so my kids didn't have to stand in any lines. They got to go in the jumping castle, the bouncy slide, spin the free raffle wheel, and listen to Mariachi music. I didn't get any pictures because Garth has the camera with him in La Jolla for a golf/business trip.