Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Did It!

A few weeks ago, we finally finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family. After we read the last chapter, Garth and I were making some sarcastic comments about how it ONLY took us two and a half years to get through it. Carter put us in our place and made a comment about what a big deal it was that we got through it even though it took a long time. So we decided to celebrate. The next night we made cookies together and talked about our favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. The cookies were the best part for the kids, of course.
Now we can start over again and regardless of how long it takes us, I hope the stories and principles they learn while we read will stick with them.


john and amber said...

Those celebration pictures are so adorable! That is an awesome accomplishment for a family with small kids, way to stick with it! I wish we could go water skiing with you guys...have so much fun this summer at the lake!

Natalie said...

Congratulations! We've never even attempted that effort, so I think that finishing at all is a grand accomplishment. Your kids are adorable!

Heather said...

I am so impressed! I keep saying Elliot's too little...maybe not.