Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

Carter got in the water with skis on twice this weekend. He didn't actually ski because he decided it was much too cold once the water hit his chest. Most of the adults still wore wetsuits so I can't blame him. He was proud to show off his new rash guard though!
Sydney and cousin Paige spent all day playing on the beach and in the water, never past their knees.

Derek had a rough weekend. It started with pink eye, continued with a smashed chin on our fireplace, but ended happily with lots of driving the boat.
For Garth and I, the weekend started with work in the yard and ended with play on the boat. My brother Bryan and his family came up from Yakima so my whole family was together for the first time since Christmas.

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Natalie said...

Poor little Derrek! Aside from the disease, injury, and cold water, it sounds like you had a fun weekend. :)