Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impromptu Fiesta

Garth and I get a kick out of Cinco De Mayo. In our experience, Mexicans don't really celebrate the holiday. Americans definitely celebrate it more than the families we lived with in Mexico. Americans think it is Mexican Independence Day but that is not the case (their independence day is September 16).

Regardless, my kids had a blast celebrating Cinco de Mayo at our favorite Mexican store and deli De Leon Foods this Saturday. We were on our way home from a soccer game and I planned to stop in to get some tortillas (completetly forgetting that it was cinco de mayo weekend). When we got there, the parking lot was all roped off and there was all kinds of fun stuff for the kids. We got there right when they opened so my kids didn't have to stand in any lines. They got to go in the jumping castle, the bouncy slide, spin the free raffle wheel, and listen to Mariachi music. I didn't get any pictures because Garth has the camera with him in La Jolla for a golf/business trip.

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