Friday, November 30, 2012


Thanksgiving this year was a little like Sunday dinner at my mom’s.  Both my brothers went to their in-laws so it was just us, my sister and her kids, my parents and one aunt and uncle.  Compared to the Thanksgivings I had growing up when the crowd was so big we had to use the church, this one felt pretty small. 

The day began for my kids with some fun at the Rippy cousins down the street.  They made donuts and apple cider in the driveway and then headed out back to do BB guns in the forest.  Meanwhile, I made rolls and pies and veggies for dinner.  On the way to my mom’s we made a quick stop at the hospital to check on Grandma Ele (who had back surgery the day before).  Her e is the crew at dinner. 

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Snow

November 2012 003

November 2012 005

November 2012 004

These two LOVE the snow!!  They drove me nuts with pleas of “can we build a snowman?” until I dropped everything and went out there.  The kids decided the snowman should have a pickle nose and chocolate chip eyes and mouth. 






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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Finally Finished their Room!

This has been an ongoing project since the girls’ birthdays in the Spring and I am finally finished!  I am so proud of the tree that I painted on their wall.  I also made the tie backs for their drapes, bedazzled their lamp with some beads, and refinished their dresser.  I think that is some kind of crafty record for me!

Here is the finished product. . .

fall2012 003

fall2012 004

Olivia’s side

fall2012 005

Sydney’s side

fall2012 007

fall2012 008

I bought a Groupon for the vinyl, Sydney picked her saying :)

fall2012 006fall2012 009

fall2012 010

The reading spot! (the chair looks red in the pictures but is really the same pink as everything else)

fall2012 011fall2012 013

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Return to Soccer

After two years of playing Football, Carter decided to try soccer again this year.  I love his coach (who is also their principal) and he had a lot of great kids on his team, they just weren’t great at soccer.  I think they only won one game but Carter said he had a great time and is looking forward to it in the Spring.  He especially liked playing goalie!

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fall2012 023

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The Scariest Holiday EVER!

I think I complain about Halloween every year.  I am telling you, the day after Halloween is really scary at my house.  Sleep deprived, sugar overloaded raunchy children.  I call it their Halloween hangover.  But before the bad, there was some good. 

Harvest Festival at their school

Ariel (another amazing costume from Grandma Theresa) Olivia actually won a prize for best girl costume!

fall2012 014

Rey Mysterio, a WWF type wrestler from Mexico. (we got this in Mexico when Carter was little)

fall2012 017

The Pink Pirate (scored this costume at the quarter sale best 25 cents I’ve ever spent :)

fall2012 016

The $100 bill (also made by Grandma Theresa)

fall2012 018

fall2012 015

fall2012 020fall2012 019

Preschool Party.  Derek’s school does not believe in Halloween so they have an “orange party” instead.

fall2012 030

fall2012 031fall2012 032

fall2012 033

Halloween at the dance studio.  They only cancelled classes after 5 pm so I had a couple of girls in my first two classes.  They showed up half costumed and Sydney had some fun turning herself in to a loofa with tutus.

fall2012 034fall2012 035


Halloween Night at the Semtners

80’s hair band member

fall2012 037

Shaun White

fall2012 038

I kind of look like him huh?


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