Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Finally Finished their Room!

This has been an ongoing project since the girls’ birthdays in the Spring and I am finally finished!  I am so proud of the tree that I painted on their wall.  I also made the tie backs for their drapes, bedazzled their lamp with some beads, and refinished their dresser.  I think that is some kind of crafty record for me!

Here is the finished product. . .

fall2012 003

fall2012 004

Olivia’s side

fall2012 005

Sydney’s side

fall2012 007

fall2012 008

I bought a Groupon for the vinyl, Sydney picked her saying :)

fall2012 006fall2012 009

fall2012 010

The reading spot! (the chair looks red in the pictures but is really the same pink as everything else)

fall2012 011fall2012 013

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Anne J said...

wow ! great room :)