Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm totally out of touch.

We have an old black leather jacket that I believe was Garth's brother's, that we inherited with a bunch of costumes from Garth's mom. I have kept it for costume purposes. . .50's day, Mutt Williams from Indiana Jones, etc. The night before his school Valentine's day party, Carter wanted to set out an outfit. He carefully selected a red shirt, matching pants, and the leather jacket. (I found out later that he also packed my travel size hairspray bottle in his backpack). I tried to talk him out of it. I was worried he would get made fun of to be quite honest. I didn't want him to come home all deflated and feel silly (which has happened on more than one occasion). He assured me that the jacket was cool and he wanted to look good for his Valentine party.

When he got home, he was beaming and said that everyone LOVED his jacket. They liked how it sounded, smelled, and felt. At recess a bunch of kids were asking to touch it and so he told me he formed a line and let them take turns touching it. They could get back in line to touch it again if they wanted but only once.

Did you hear that ladies? Only two touches!
Needless to say, he has worn the jacket every day since!


You have to love Aunts and Uncles that have no kids. They buy your kids the presents that you NEVER would. They may drive you crazy because they are loud, annoying, or messy, but they will be your child's favorite! Sydney got a make-up set for Christmas from her Aunt and Uncle. . .

. . .need I say more? I don't think esthetician is in this girls future.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hearts, hearts, hearts

This year we really milked the whole Valentines week. I made these super cute felt heart hair things that I saw on someone else's blog. (They were selling them and I am WAY too cheap to buy something that looks like I could make it myself). Since I made a TON of them (red sparkly with white stitches, pink with red stitches, and red with double white stiches) they wore them everywhere we went that week.
To ballet . .

. . To school, church, the store, you name it. Notice how well they worked in Olivia's little bit of hair. It was her first hair pretty, sans headband.

I love when someone says "Oh what a cute heart" (or flower, or bow or whatever) and I can say "thanks, I made it!" It makes me feel all Martha. Like usual, when I learn to make something, I make too many so these are what the girls in Syd's class got for Valentines.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Garth is always telling me that people get his name wrong on the phone. The most common names his gets mistaken for are Scott and Darth (has anyone ever actually named a child Darth?) Anyway, I tell him he just needs to speak more clearly and people will get it right. However, lately I have gotten some of the same questions when I tell people his name. Darth. . .like Vader? or Garth. . .like Garth Brooks?
Give me a break.

The people at McDonalds couldn't get it right either. No big surprise there.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

. . . is not welcome in our house! When Derek saw a spider crawling accross our kitchen, at first he was enthralled and watched it go. Then he ran out of the room to our front closet and came back with my big boot. He proceeded to smash the heck out of it. That's more like it!

Free Entertainment

We had a super fun weekend full of free entertainment.

Thursday night Garth and I got to go to the Gonzaga basketball game (without kids) thanks to some free tickets from Garth's boss.

Friday we went to the boat show, again with free tickets from someone at work.
Best line of the night was when Carter saw a yellow and white Supra with a star on it and said "Cool! Look at that Carl's Jr. boat!"
A close second was when we were at a Mexican restaurant on the way home and Carter wanted to order the "POLO ASS-DO TACO" (pollo asado taco). Good one gringo.

Saturday was Carter's first basketball game then I got to go birthday shopping with my mom and sister. Okay, that probably wasn't very entertaining for Garth, but I had a blast spending someone else's money!

Sunday we had some friends over to watch a really fun Super Bowl Game.

What a weedend!