Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Entertainment

We had a super fun weekend full of free entertainment.

Thursday night Garth and I got to go to the Gonzaga basketball game (without kids) thanks to some free tickets from Garth's boss.

Friday we went to the boat show, again with free tickets from someone at work.
Best line of the night was when Carter saw a yellow and white Supra with a star on it and said "Cool! Look at that Carl's Jr. boat!"
A close second was when we were at a Mexican restaurant on the way home and Carter wanted to order the "POLO ASS-DO TACO" (pollo asado taco). Good one gringo.

Saturday was Carter's first basketball game then I got to go birthday shopping with my mom and sister. Okay, that probably wasn't very entertaining for Garth, but I had a blast spending someone else's money!

Sunday we had some friends over to watch a really fun Super Bowl Game.

What a weedend!

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