Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm totally out of touch.

We have an old black leather jacket that I believe was Garth's brother's, that we inherited with a bunch of costumes from Garth's mom. I have kept it for costume purposes. . .50's day, Mutt Williams from Indiana Jones, etc. The night before his school Valentine's day party, Carter wanted to set out an outfit. He carefully selected a red shirt, matching pants, and the leather jacket. (I found out later that he also packed my travel size hairspray bottle in his backpack). I tried to talk him out of it. I was worried he would get made fun of to be quite honest. I didn't want him to come home all deflated and feel silly (which has happened on more than one occasion). He assured me that the jacket was cool and he wanted to look good for his Valentine party.

When he got home, he was beaming and said that everyone LOVED his jacket. They liked how it sounded, smelled, and felt. At recess a bunch of kids were asking to touch it and so he told me he formed a line and let them take turns touching it. They could get back in line to touch it again if they wanted but only once.

Did you hear that ladies? Only two touches!
Needless to say, he has worn the jacket every day since!

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Brimhall Designs said...

What a stud! That is the funniest thing ever, I love it! He really is a ladies man :)