Monday, November 24, 2008

November Book Club

I almost forgot to write about book club. I think because I didn't really like the book. However, the meeting was full of good food, amazing ladies, great discussion, and lots of laughs. Even if the book is bad (there were actually quite a few people who loved it) it is still a ton of fun. I love to get out with the ladies and feel like an adult. The book was Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, I give it two stars but there were three ladies there that would have given it four or five. You choose.

New Calling

Yesterday was the first day in my new calling as Primary President. I must have enjoyed the Primary program too much, they decided I would really like to be in charge of it all! I am actually very excited! Sydney will be in Primary in January and Carter is in there so it will be fun for me to be with them. Garth is dreading Sundays now because it means he has "baby duty" for two hours every week. I am lucky to have awesome counselors (Cami Young, Shelli Abrams, and Sylvia Manwell). Hopefully I don't screw too many things up while I get my bearings and decide how I would like the Primary to run. There are definitely worse callings, at least this will keep me out of scouts!

Pulling Teeth

I just wanted to take a second and rant about how expensive EVERYTHING is right now. Especially my kids. Carter couldn't just loose his teeth like typical 6 year olds. He had to have one tooth come in behind the baby teeth and be crazy big. Wednesday I had to take him to the dentist and have 3 teeth pulled! I feel bad for him, I really do. I have had teeth pulled and it is no fun. But I also feel bad for the $375 it cost me. That's more than we spend on all our kids for Christmas! I love my kids and I know this is just the beginning but it still sucks! Carter said the worst part of it was the "oz" or the "gooz" that they put in his mouth. He couldn't quite remember the word "gauze."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

End of the Odyssey

Garth has a real problem. He has not been officially diagnosed, but I think he has something called "Car ADD." We recently celebrated our 8th anniversary and we have had as many cars as years married. About four years ago, I was pregnant with Sydney and Garth talked me into getting a mini van. I think because I drove my parents white with pin-striping Astro Van to high school, I was very resistant to getting a van. He finally talked me in to a new Honda Odyssey. I have been nothing but happy for the past four years. I loved my van (as much as I hate to admit it.) You just can't beat automatic opening doors with little kids. Recently Garth has been talking about trading his truck for a car. With all the downtown driving he does, a car makes more sense. The problem is if we get rid of the truck, we can't pull our boat. Garth's solution? A suburban. Again, I was very resistant to the idea. I loved the convenience of the van. After some arm twisting, we got this suburban. I am hoping that by the time he is tired of it and wants a different car yet again, that I will be in love with it too. I am excited to have all-wheel drive (since we live in the boonies) and I love the extra storage for our Utah trips. See? It's growing on me already!

Primary Program

Last week was the primary program at church. This is one of my favorite meetings of the whole year. I love to see all the different personalities; the kid who waves a million times, the one who won't even stand up, the tone deaf kids who sing the loudest, the kids who can't say their R's, etc. This year Carter's part was at the very end. Derek made it through most of the meeting but just as Carter was getting up for his part, Derek lost it and Garth had to take him out. Bummer. All Garth missed was "I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere, and so can you!" His class ended the program gathered around the mic saying "I am a child of God, and so are you!" I look forward to next year.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Football Fans

Garth is a HUGE football fan and has tried to pass this on to his children. His favorite team has been the 49ers since he was little and watched Joe Montana on Sunday night football. He is still a loyal fan but with their record the past few years it has been a bit painful to watch. So this is the Sunday morning conversation I overheard.

Garth: What is your favorite team?
Carter: I like the Bengals. (he has always loved their helmets)
Garth: They haven't won a game yet this year.
Carter: I like the Bengals because they won some games last year. But I also like the 49ers because they win like ONE game EVERY year!

So What

The other day we were driving somewhere and I was absentmindedly listening to the radio. "So What" the new song from Pink came on and about halfway through the song Sydney said, "Wow, this is a angry girl!" No kidding.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Star Wars Halloween

I am neither a Star Wars fan or a Halloween fan but this year I had a really fun Star Wars Halloween with my kids. This summer we bought a trampoline at a garage sale. While Garth was diligently taking apart the trampoline (that he didn't even want) the kids and I killed time browsing the tables. Carter found a Darth Maul costume and just HAD to have it. I thought since Sydney has the long hair already, I could make her Leia pretty easily. My mother-in-law Theresa caught wind of that and went nuts! I am so grateful to her for these awesome costumes. It started with Leia, she made this great costume (it even had a hood).

Then when I told her I wasn't going to dress Derek up (because I'm too cheap to buy costumes). . .She showed up one day with this! I am so impressed with her sewing skills and the funny thing is, she actually thanked me for letting her make these fun costumes and said all she wants for repayment is a picture of the kids wearing them. I am so spoiled!

Halloween was busy with Carter's kindergarten party, a visit to Dad's office, party at Beneficial (my mom's office), then pizza and trick-or-treating with some neighbors/kindergarten friends.

Happy Halloween! Watch out Theresa, I might "hint" what my kids want to be every year!