Wednesday, November 19, 2008

End of the Odyssey

Garth has a real problem. He has not been officially diagnosed, but I think he has something called "Car ADD." We recently celebrated our 8th anniversary and we have had as many cars as years married. About four years ago, I was pregnant with Sydney and Garth talked me into getting a mini van. I think because I drove my parents white with pin-striping Astro Van to high school, I was very resistant to getting a van. He finally talked me in to a new Honda Odyssey. I have been nothing but happy for the past four years. I loved my van (as much as I hate to admit it.) You just can't beat automatic opening doors with little kids. Recently Garth has been talking about trading his truck for a car. With all the downtown driving he does, a car makes more sense. The problem is if we get rid of the truck, we can't pull our boat. Garth's solution? A suburban. Again, I was very resistant to the idea. I loved the convenience of the van. After some arm twisting, we got this suburban. I am hoping that by the time he is tired of it and wants a different car yet again, that I will be in love with it too. I am excited to have all-wheel drive (since we live in the boonies) and I love the extra storage for our Utah trips. See? It's growing on me already!


wood family said...

you got it!!! that's helarious, you were totally right!! :) Well congrats, and welcome to 'the burb' owners club. Of course, yours isn't QUITE as cool as our since it doesn't beep when you back up. But then again you're probly not embarrassed to drive yours around town either :) Looks nice!!

Natalie said...

It's official: you are a Mormon Mom! Ha ha! Just kidding. Your Sub is fabulous and I'm sure Shelley will want to meet you for a Suburban Club meeting sometime real soon. I love that's sweet! Have fun driving and being able to fit three car seats in one row. That's the best feature of a Suburban.

The Black's said...

Kacey! It was so good to see you post on our blog.. I have loved looking at all your have such a beautiful family...cannot believe it has grown soo fast. Hope you guys are doing looks like things are wonderful!