Sunday, July 11, 2010


On June 25th, my baby turned ONE!
It must be true what they say about the last child getting the shaft. I didn't even bake a cake for this one's first birthday. We went to Garth's dad's for Father's Day and since it was so close to her birthday, Lori bought cupcakes and ice cream and let Olivia loose.

She ended up with frosting in her hair, up her nose, and all over her clothes. Garth and I agreed that the cake in the face ordeal is mostly fun for the grandparents so we didn't do it again with a homemade cake. On her actual birthday, my parents met us at Red Robin for dinner and some birthday ice cream. She wasn't too impressed with their birthday song, but she loved the ice cream with chocolate sauce!

Notice that all of these pictures were taken from Garth's iphone. I didn't even have my act together enough to bring the camera. Happy first birthday Olivia, we love you so much!

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john and amber said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia! That year went by fast! I love the Father's Day gifts you made with the kids. And, what a cute daddy daughter date! I'm very impressed with Garth's hair skills. :)