Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eight Things

So apparently I have been "tagged" by my friend Natalie. Which means I get to answer these questions that I'm sure everyone needs to know about me.

8 shows I like: The Office, 24, ER, Life, Rachel Ray (the show or 30 minute meals), Everyday Italian, Law & Order SVU, and Arrested Development

8 things I did yesterday: watched general conference, changed diapers, had a BBQ with Rogelio, Hugo, and Cristobal (friends here from Mexico), skied in the rain, straightened my hair, went to a wedding, danced with my kids, and had some alone time with my hubby.

8 things I am looking forward to: knowing if I'm done having kids, being done with diapers, Carter's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, waterski camp, more vacations with the Landers, and tomorrow's workout

8 things on my wish list: kids that don't fight, a non kid friendly car, lasik eye surgery, a boob job, a trip to Mexico with Garth, a landscaped yard, an interior decorator, a personal shopper (and the wardrobe that would come with her)

8 people I'm tagging: ( I don't know if anyone checks my blog but here are some guesses) Amber, Cami, Julie, Heather, Jennifer, Nicole, Addie, Camille

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Thanks for doing that; I always think it's so fun to learn random things about my friends. Won't it be grand to have a car without carseats in it?! :)