Friday, October 17, 2008

Present Predicament

Carter's birthday is rapidly approaching and as I was shopping around trying to decide what to get him, I was reminded of this funny situation from last year.

Carter had started to read so I bought him a bunch of begginer reader books. My mom, who was being a great help, bought him a much needed snow hat and a very cool down vest with two adorable shirts to go with it.

We have dinner at my mom's and proceed to the present portion of the evening. When he opens the previously mentioned presents he reacts with a very disappointed look and some choice comments about them not being cool toys. After a nice heart-to-heart with me, he apologized to my mom.

Next day we are heading to Chuck E. Cheese for his friend party. I decide we better discuss the proper way to react to all presents, even if we think they are low on the cool radar, or if we already have one of the toys we receive.

Carter cuts me off mid-speach and says "Don't worry Mom, friend presents are always cool."

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