Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grand Coulee Camping

Last weekend we took the kids on a camping trip to Grand Coulee Dam. We stayed at Spring Canyon campground which is above the dam on Lake Roosevelt. The view of the lake was beautiful but we wished we had camped below the dam to stay out of the wind a little. It wasn't exactly a toasty warm weekend.

I snapped this picture right when we got there. It took her about 2 seconds flat to get her hands all dirty and rub them all over her body. She was a total dirt ball all weekend!

Garth made the yummiest foil dinners. It helps that the ingredients were straight from the garden. Potatoes, peppers, yellow squash, onions, carrots and bacon (the bacon did not come from our garden but did come from his cousin's pig that we purchased last spring.)

The second day, we took the kids on a nature hike. There were trails like these going every direction from our spot.
What a tall bench. Garth is 6'5" and he couldn't touch!
The kids were very proud of themselves for climbing up this "big mountain."

We discovered a new interest of Sydney's. . . hiking. We all hiked for quite a while then we headed back down the hill. When we got to the bottom, she saw the road, turned around and said "Let's go back up." So the boys went back and Sydney and I hiked for another 20 minutes or so. She went a long way for those little legs. She still had the energy to pose for a picture! Sassy.

Post hike the kids wanted to show off their loot. Sydney found bunches of flowers to put in our hair, and Carter is showing off an enormous beetle. You can see in the background that we were kindof cheeters on this camping trip. We are usually tent campers but Garth's Grandpa Norm has this great little camper that was just the right size for our family. He has been wanting us to try it out. Frankly, with the cool weather, I was glad we had it. Carter slept on the bunk, Garth and Sydney on the couch-bed and Derek and I on the table-bed. Needless to say, I didn't sleep at all for two nights. We tried to set up the crib but it took every inch of space and nobody else could get into bed.

We headed over to the visitor's center at Grand Coulee Dam. It was very interesting. You can't read this sign well. It says that Grand Coulee is made with approximately 12 million cubuc yards of concrete. The kids are standing in one cubic yard.

This mades us realize how tiny our Nine Mile Falls Dam really is.

We took a tour of power plant 3. Garth and I really enjoyed it, the kids thought it was too loud. After the tour we had a couple of hours to kill before the laser light show so we drove into Grand Coulee and went to this great little Mexican restaurant. Like I said we were kind of cheater campers this time. The kids all fell asleep on the way to the light show. Carter and Derek woke up for it but Sydney slept through the whole show.

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