Thursday, October 30, 2008

Curly Hair

How is it possible that I have this crazy curly hair and Sydney's won't even hold a curl? I sometimes covet the curls on my friend's daughters hair. I know Sydney would like curly hair sometimes too. She always wants me to curl it with the curling iron but I don't do it very often because it takes so long and it doesn't stay. Anyway, this brings me to

a quick quote from Sydney. . .

One morning she wakes up and comes into my room. She has slept crazy because her hair is in a huge mat. She looks at me with a big smile and is stroking her hair and says "Mommy, did I wake up with curly hair?"


Natalie said...

So cute. I can't believe Sydney doesn't have curly hair. Mother Nature is a mad scientist, huh?

Heather said...

At least Sydney lets you do her hair. I am lucky to get a comb through Elliot's in the morning. And every time I ask to put a clip or anything in she says, "no thank you." At least she is nice about it.