Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome 2011

We had such a fun New Year's Eve this year. My parents came over and watched the little two so Garth and I could take Carter and Sydney to first night Spokane (which really should be called "last night") We got to go to a ton of shows, out to dinner at the Olive Garden, stayed up really late and it was ALL FUN! No diaper bags, no toddlers on and off your lap 100 times, no whining or tantrums. I love all my kids dearly, but it was really fun to go out with the "big kids" and have a stress free fun evening. These two danced like they had "ants in their pants" so well at the Eric Herman show that they won a free copy of his DVD!Gotta love the overpriced junk you can buy. Carter bought a light saber and Syd chose a pink braid that clips into her hair and lights up. Only the necessities!Our favorite show was the Brothers from Different mothers (although the Celtic band and dancers were awesome too). At this point we were getting a little worn down and went home when it was over. You can't tell in the photo that we froze our butts off. Single digit temperatures are not my favorite.

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