Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Christmas

After all that fun with the three families, it was hard to believe that my kids were going to get more. I wondered if they would loose some of their excitement. . .what a silly thought. Santa was really on his game this year and all his gifts were a HUGE hit!
Olivia loves her Dora doll. Dora is one of her clearest words!
Derek is a big fan of the CARS movie. He got this awesome garage and some new cars to go with it. This toy has been played with by every kid of every age that has come over since Christmas morning.

Sydney was so excited to get some zhu-zhu pets (and the Beauty and the Beast DVD she's holding).
The real Christmas miracle is that I bought Sydney 3 outfits and she likes them all! She can be a bit picky about colors and styles. If they make her itch? forget about it, she will never wear it.
I woke up Christmas morning to the sound of golf clubs hitting the floor. Apparently Carter needed to be reminded that when he wakes up, he's supposed to come get us. He was already downstairs checking out his big gift.
Too bad he has a cast on his arm and there is insane amounts of snow on the ground. It will be a while before he gets to use his new golf clubs.

Whew. . .it's over. I love Christmas, but I also love when it's over!

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