Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Celebratory Moment

Olivia is in Nursery! Garth has been Superdad on Sundays for the last 2 years. When I got called to be Primary President, Derek was only 10 months old and I was 2 weeks pregnant with Olivia. Garth dealt with Derek for 8 months until nursery only to trade him for baby Olivia. He survived 18 months of her in the halls, tantruming, sleeping on his shoulder, slobbering on and smearing snacks on his freshly dry cleaned suits.

To top all of that off, all last year, I had a Ward Council meeting every other Sunday at 7a.m. so Garth had to get all four kids ready for church alone. Not only did he manage to get them there but they would look good and the girls would have hair done and accessories that matched. I am so lucky and just a tiny bit miffed that he out-mothers me on Sundays!

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Natalie said...

I love it! Can Garth give Adam some lessons? My only gripe about him is that he sleeps in until 15 minutes before church, gets in the shower, gets himself ready, then sits by the door and asks me over and over if we're ready to go. Argh! :) I'm excited for Case to be in nursery, too.