Thursday, January 27, 2011

He is Three!

I mentioned before that I love Derek's personality and his sense of humor. On New Year's Eve, Garth was going skiing but we didn't want Derek to know because he loves skiing and would be upset he wasn't getting to go. As Garth was packing a lunch and gathering some things, Derek kept asking, "Where's Daddy going?" and I just kept saying, "He's going in the truck." Finally he looked at me with angry eyes and said, "Don't talk to me like that! He's going skiing!" In that moment we promised to take him skiing for his birthday. He talked about it constantly for two weeks until the big day came.
We had a great time up at Mt. Spokane night skiing. Grandpa John and Grandma Lori came which made the perfect kid to adult ratio. Olivia and I hung out walking in the snow, waving to siblings and warming in the lodge. All of the kids improved that night. Derek is so different than the older ones. They are cautious and careful, he just wants to go! Garth was using his poles to help Derek turn and stay at a controllable speed and Derek kept saying "Let me go Dad!"

Unfortunately, it was a rainy day on the mountain so it was a little wet and sticky. Fortunately, the rain deterred many skiers and we had the lodge practically to ourselves. We had some dinner, Presents. . . And winter cupcakes. We also got to celebrate his birthday with my family at home. Derek loved his chocolate peanut butter cake and was thrilled with his new toys.

Now that he's three, it's time to get serious about potty training! If he's old enough and brave enough to ski, he can summon up the courage to sit on the toilet right?!

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Natalie said...

Happy birthday, Derek! He is so cute and brave. I hope he gets the hang of using the potty soon. I'm glad he had a great birthday!