Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping Me Humble

I think all women have something about themselves that make them feel confident. . . and I am sure all women have things about themselves that keep them humble. I have never had great skin. I'm a pasty red-head with freckles and break-outs. I hate it.

Insert outspoken child Carter. . .

I was putting my make-up on and Carter asked if what I was touching was a zit or a freckle.

Why Carter?

"You have so many of both it's hard to tell."

Thank you so much.

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Jen and Ky said...

Ouch. Somehow it seems like it would hurt that much more to hear a comment like that from your child! My brother Andrew once informed me that I had a mustache, that hurt, but if it came from Lili I think the sting would be a little harder! I'm sure we'll try to make it to Dani's wedding, although I haven't heard any of the details. What do you know about it? I'll have to do a little facebook recon.