Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Derek has been different than my other kids since the day he was born. He has those amazing blue eyes, he was HUGE (8 pounds 12 ounces), and he had a completely different look. He is still different, a little more rough and tumble and a little more independent. Lately, I have been really enjoying him. Yes, he's two and throws ridiculous tantrums but he has also been a lot of fun lately. I love this stage when kids can really express what they want/need and are showing their sense of humor. Some of my favorite Derekisms that I want to remember. . .When he sees something he wants, a treat, a toy, whatever, he says "Mom, can I want that?" It makes me laugh every time. Yes Derek, you certainly can want that but you most certainly aren't getting it. He also often looks at me confused and asks "Mom, what yer doing?"
When you tell him he is funny, or silly, or whatever, he says, "No my not!"
He is super smart, knows all of his letters and their sounds.
He HATES the toilet and screams "I'll do it tomorrow" every time I put him on it.

Here he is with his favorite accessories: a knight shield and helmet. You can tell him a million times that the shield goes on the front but he doesn't care. He'll be ready when someone tries to stab him in the back I guess.

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Natalie said...

Hilarious! I too am loving Rex's good two-year-old moments. Derek is such a handsome little guy. Good luck with the tantrums and potty training. I'm desperately awaiting the day someone comes up with a universal solution to those to childhood issues. :)