Thursday, January 6, 2011

Frederickson Christmas

We continued tweaking Frederickson tradition. We usually all meet Christmas Eve for dinner, the nativity, and a program. The past few years, my mom has had 50+ people at her house. The Rippy group decided it was time to break off and do their own thing. However, Kelly, the oldest cousin decided to plan a Christmas brunch where all the cousins could get together and visit since we don't get to see some of them any other time during the year.

While we were eating, we got hit by a "flash mob" (inspired by this one on youtube) my brother Bryan stood on his chair and started belting out a Christmas song, then my mom joined, then Bryan's wife, my other brother and his wife. It was awesome and totally unexpected. Hopefully we will tweak again next year and not do a program. It was cute, but got a little long. I'd much rather play games and let the kids interact. Carter sang for us. . .
Sydney choreographed a dance to jingle bells. . .
and Derek sang "I Love to See the Temple" He knows every word to the song but at the end he sings "this is my FAVORITE duty" instead of SACRED duty. So cute.
After brunch, we headed to my mom's because we didn't want to go all the way back home. We played and cooked and napped then everyone (all my siblings and one aunt and uncle) gathered for dinner and the Nativity.
My little angel was the angel and read her whole part by herself!

It was a long day, but I loved it. This picture of the kids in their new jammies pretty much covers the emotions of the day. . . some tears, some smiles, some craziness, lots of love!

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