Thursday, January 6, 2011

Giannetto Christmas

After our first Christmas celebration, we packed up the car and headed to Canada to celebrate Christmas with Garth's mom, Tony, and Grandma Yvonne.
On our way there, Derek kept saying "I have to go skiin' mom." He wouldn't let it go so the first day there, we headed over to the little magic carpet. I made Carter come for moral support and figured he couldn't do too much damage to his cast on the magic carpet. We started on the kid one but after 2 or 3 tries, Derek insisted on going to the bigger one to be with Carter.
The magic carpet ride.
He completely loved skiing! He wouldn't turn or slow down, I had to chase him down the hill and stop him occassionally to keep him from really wiping out. He did hit the snow a few times but it didn't bother him at all. He'd just look at me and ask if I could get the snow off his face. Right here, he was saying over and over "I gotta catch Carter!"Later I gave Sydney her first present from us, this adorable ski coat, and took her out also. She is much more cautious (she and Carter have that in common) but we had a really good time. She has mastered turning right but for some reason really struggles turning left. We'd start a run way on the left side and finish way on the other side.
The great thing about Big White is all the activities they have to choose from. For as many years as we have been going, we have never checked out Bingo night. Theresa stayed home with Olivia and we all went and had hot cocoa and played Bingo. We were surprised that the lodge was packed and I thought our chances of winning were pretty slim.

To my surprise, Sydney won a round and she won us a 2 hour family pass to the tubing hill (one of our favorite things to do!)How does this happen?
The greatest gift of the whole week was the freedom to play with my kids. Theresa and Tony were so willing to watch the kids so I could ski with Garth or take older ones while little ones napped. It was truly a gift to enjoy my family all week!

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