Monday, March 16, 2009

Kindermusik Sculpture

I am afraid I am teaching my kids to procrastinate. In Sydney's Kindermusik class, they have a family activity you are supposed to do during the week at home. I'll admit that we often don't do it at all. Ocasionally, we have to bring in evidence of our family activity. Each time, we are frantically doing the craft the night before or the morning of class. This is our most recent assignment. They were supposed to make a sculpture. It could be of anything they wanted with any material they wanted. I forgot about it til the night before. . . big surprise. This is what we came up with. It is her "tin foil ballerina." Luckily, I don't think she understood that we should have done it sooner and spent more time on it. She was quite proud to show it to everyone in class.

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Natalie said...

Don't you know? The deadline is the best inspiration! That's my motto; I perfected it in college and practice it to this day. That sculpture is cool, and Sydney is right to be proud. I'm proud of you for even doing it. I would have told Amber to take a roll of socks or the pancakes cemented to her syrup-y plate from yesterday's breakfast. I watched "Dancing with the Stars" last night and couldn't help but think Shawn Johnston is your mini-me, but of course, you have much better abs than she.