Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fancy, Fabulous, and FOUR

I think all mom's of little girls should check out the new(ish) Fancy Nancy books. I totally love them. Not only are they full of great vocabulary and cute stories but the illustrations are like artwork on every page. Sydney is a big fan so naturally she had a Fancy Nancy Birthday party!

She had lots of "fancy" to choose from but this is the outfit she insisted on. She wanted her hair curly and "on top" like Nancy's so I did my best.

All the girls feeling fancy.

They each bedazzled their own tiara. The funny thing is Sydney would not put hers on for a picture. In the past week she has worn it for about 30 seconds total. But she loved the project.

In one of the Fancy Nancy books, she and her family go out for parfaits (Nancy says that's fancy for ice cream). I read them that book then we made our own pafaits. They got to choose their ice cream and top it with a number of sugary goodies. Most of them had more fun making than eating their parfaits. After desert, we painted toe nails and the girls danced in the living room til their moms came. It was a lot of fun and girl parties are WAY more mellow than boy parties.

That night, Sydney helped me make pizzas and she opened her presents from us. She was a big fan of her apple capris from Gymboree (clearance for $4). In that picture she is singing "apple bottom jeans, with the fur" Don't ask how she knows that ghetto song. She also got her own Leapster. No more fighting with Carter over his.
Garth and I are relieved that the "birth week" is over. We sure like to spread out the fun and this time it was spread over 8 days! We are ready for a break. So we are heading back to Canada for Spring Break in a week or two.


Heather said...

Girls are great!

amy said...

That looked like a great party. I'm going to call you for party theme ideas when we actually start throwing parties for out kids.

Natalie said...

I AM DYING RIGHT NOW! Amber has the same Gymboree apple outfit, and my girls LOVE that song! We totally need to get together. Our girls must be twins who were separated at birth. :) What an adorable party idea; I am definitely buying some Fancy Nancy books. I've always seen them and thought they were cute, but now you've convinced me. Sydney is so darling. Happy birthday Syd!

Jas & Cam Fam said...

How fun! I love little girl parties. It looks so fun! I love the expressions. we too are fans of Fancy Nancy...and Olivia. You have to love Olivia. My Kate is Olivia

john and amber said...

Too cute!! It was fun to see you last week. Thanks so much for having everyone over!