Friday, March 25, 2011

Sydney's is Six!

Sydney shares a birthday with one of her new friends in Kindergarten so we really drug out the celebrating so they could attend each other's parties. The morning of her birthday, she woke up to find her new bike (mom thinks it's too big but dad is convinced she can make it work). I am really hoping she can learn to ride without training wheels soon! She also got this adorable rain coat and a new spring outfit from Mom and Dad.

I told her I would make whatever she wanted for her birthday breakfast and she requested crepes with strawberries and whipped cream. This was a first for me. I had never made crepes before and I must say they were quite delicious (thanks to an easy Giada DeLaurentis recipe).

Of course, the celebrating continued with cupcakes at school then Friday evening Grandma Theresa and Grandpa Tony took her out to dinner and shopping. She had told Theresa that she wanted skinny jeans so they decided to shop together to make sure they got a pair that fit right. She then got to spend the night and met us at Carter's basketball game the next day just in time to head over to her friend Jamie's b-day party.
Sunday was dinner, cake, and presents at my mom's house then there were two different present drop-ins from John & Lori and from Norm & Ele. What a spoiled little six year old! We waited a whole week to do her friend party (I'll post that later) and by the time that was over. . .I was so done!

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