Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Blue Thunder

We have another successful season of basketball under our belt. Garth coached again this year and based on all the compliments I got on his behalf, I'd say he did a great job. One of the dads, Dan Dunlop assisted him this year. Dan doesn't know much about basketball and his personality is quite different from Garth's but they balanced each other well. Every time Garth would get on one of the boys at a game, Dan would follow up with lots of clapping and encouraging words. I don't know if it was a conscious thing but it made me laugh how opposite the two were. Whatever they did, it worked. They only lost one game (by one basket) and the boys improved immensely. They even ran real plays this year! Carter worked really hard at home to learn to dribble between his legs. Garth discouraged him from doing it in a game because he said there was no purpose for it and he would more than likely loose control of the ball. At one of the last games, Carter was bringing the ball down the court and I saw him slow down a little. . . he dribbled between his legs then drove toward the hoop. In the car on the way home Carter asked Garth what he thought of the between the legs move and Garth told him he didn't really like it. Carter responded with "yeah, but did you hear the volume in the gym when I did it? I like doubled." Garth had to agree with that, then Carter added, "It's okay to warm up the crowd a little, isn't it?"
As Carter narrows down what sports he is interested in, I hope basketball stays on the list. I love watching him play and I think it's great for he and Garth to share the sport.

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The Black's said...

Wow! your kids are growing up so fast! I love the St. Patty's day pics so fun! Did you ever get my invite for my blog?