Friday, March 11, 2011


Oh-Livia, it is hard to believe you are approaching two years old. Try as I may, I can't seem to find the time to scrapbook your birth, enter every new tooth that appears into your baby book, or document all of your firsts. Since the baby book entries are few and far between, I thought I'd do a post about the things you do that make me smile (okay and some that make me want to scream!)
You are a girly girl like your big sister. These mardi-gras "necknace" are your favorite and you wear them every day. I love how you rub your tummy and say "fretty" every time I get you dressed. You are beautiful. You are a great little talker. I started to list all of the words and phrases you say but the list is so long it seemed silly to put them all down. I work hard to get you and big brother Derek to be polite and you so a very good job of saying "seez" when you want something. You also like to tell on your big brother. I hear the phrase "he hit me" over and over. Until about a month ago, you wouldn't say "yes." Instead you would nod your head but it was a full body nod. It was adorable the way you'd give us a yes all the way down to your toes. Now, you still don't say yes but you say "yeahm" I'm not sure where the extra M came from but it is totally adorable (that's what you are saying in this picture).What's more memorable than the words you say, is the way you say them, or should I say YELL them. You are a very loud girl! You will stand at the top of the stairs and yell "Darder, c'mere" or you'll yell "MOM" when you can't see me, and you frequently yell anything you can think of at Derek. Your daddy teases that every party has a loud fat girl, and right now that's you. (Mom is sure you'll grow into your big belly and is praying you learn to control your voice.)I often find you here, weighing yourself in my bathroom. You are fascinated by the numbers that pop up and mom is happy you entertain yourself so she can shower. You like to give kisses and you go at them tongue-first just like you do with chapstick. Mmmm.There is no question you are turning into a toddler. You know exactly what you want, but can't always express it. I'm not sure who that frustrates more. . .you or mom. You have started to be a little mischievous, coloring on your face, taking toys from siblings, climbing where you don't belong. Every day is like a 13 round fight with Derek but you manage a few intermissions for a nap, and for complete preciousness wherein mom forgives and forgets completely.

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