Friday, March 11, 2011


So Garth is the cub master for our ward. Not a job he really loves, and yes it is partly my fault since I am primary president and I suggest names to our bishop for jobs such as these. The problem is. . .he's really good at it so I have no motivation to change things up. He teases me that I just love a man in uniform! (I'm not sure scout uniforms count)

We recently had the Blue and Gold banquet and he rocked it! There were hand made centerpieces that he and the boys created at a pack meeting, a lovely spaghetti dinner for all who attended, and they boys decorated "scout cakes" that were judged and then happily eaten by the families.
Carter and Garth went with a "fire pit" cake. You can't tell very well but the fire was made with hot tamales, black licorice and Pirouette cookies (I'm not sure if that is their real name but that's what I call them.) The letters don't spell anything, it is the first letter of each of our names. I sate there for a minute trying to make a word out of G-K-C-S-D-O-H. They won 3rd place woo-hoo!Derek was so excited to finally get to go to scouts with Carter, but the cakes were oh-so tempting!!

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