Friday, March 25, 2011

Join the Party

Sydney has been going to a Zumbatomic class on Saturday mornings at our YMCA, and loving it! So when it came time to decide what kind of birthday party she wanted, it was a no-brainer. My friend Kimmie is an instructor so she taught the girls some Zumba dance. I ordered each of the girls these hip scarves. It made it that much more fun to have the tinkling sound of the skirts fill the studio.

The skirts came straight from India and they sent these jewels to put on the girls' faces. From Left to right: Zoe Steinbaugh, Paige Strom, Preslie Young, Addy Rippy, Sydney, Jamie Katz, and Carly Wickwire.

This was my first experience with fondant. It doesn't really count because I bought pre-made, pre-colored fondant from JoAnns and just rolled it out and used and exacto knife to cut out the Zumba symbol.

Although it was super fun, Garth and I are reconsidering how much time, money, and effort we put into our kids' birthday parties. Perhaps they should be an every other year affair.


amber and john said...

How FUN!!! Just an idea that my friend gave me about b-day parties...only do a "big" party for your kids with all their friends for their 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th birthdays, which are all pretty significant. Then for the b-days inbetween, just have a friend or two over to have cake and ice cream, or movie, bowling, or whatever. I love the idea, and I love that it was just in time for Jaxon turning 4 next month. :)

Natalie said...

So cute and so fun! I love the theme. We only do friend parties once in a blue moon, like every six years, which we decided after we gave Amber a kind of big friend party that ended up costing a bundle of money and time. Sooo not worth it! :) I can't believe our little girls are six. Tell Syd happy birthday from the Clarks!