Monday, February 23, 2009

A VERY belated post

Way back in October, Garth's brother Keith got married. Karyna (his new wife) asked our kids to be in the wedding party. Sydney was elated to be a flower girl and Carter was equally excited to be a "ring burrier" He knew what his job was, but he insisted the title was burrier, NOT bearer. Of course, when I got to the wedding I took out my camera and the batteries were dead. Here are some pictures I got from Garth's dad and also some Karyna passed on from her amazing photographer.There were two days of fancy festivities so naturally Syd had to have two fancy hair do's. Day one.
Day two.

Grandpa John and Grandpa Norm brought suckers for the kids. A little messy but it kept Derek quiet during the ceremony.
Syd and the other girls in the wedding party.

Fong (the photographer) loved Sydney. She got some really fun pictures of her.

The rings.

Ooh, flowers.

The rings take two.

Sydney and her new Aunt Karyna.

Carter pulled out his first tooth right after the ceremony. We were just glad he didn't get any blood on his white shirt and new tie!
The Hamilton crew (yes Derek is missing. At this point he was in the back of our car in a porta crib taking a much needed nap!)
Like I said, an amazing photographer. So many of her pictures are like artwork. It made me realize how crappy my wedding photographer was. Oh well, not much I can do about it now.
Congratulations to Keith and Karyna Hamilton!


Jas & Cam Fam said...

o.k.,so I just got caught up on your blog and found out it's a girl! Congrats (we really like girls at our house). I think every girl needs a sister! I don't care what I have now since my girls have each other. I think I could do 2 more girls!
The pictures at the wedding turned out really cute!

wood family said...

wow those ARE really cool pictures....i'm right there with ya on the crappy wedding pics...mine and scott's are so least it was a great day though :) We miss you guys!

Heather said...

Elliot was a flower girl over Christmas break but not nearly as content as Sydney. And I am so envious of her hair and the fact that she lets you do something cute with it. Elliot's is just a mop all the time. I'm lucky to get a brush through it.

Natalie said...

Could your kids be any cuter?! I LOVE Syd's dress and hair dos. I too am thrilled by those gorgeous photos. Someday, I'll pay someone big bucks to take artistic photos of my kids. :)

john and amber said...

What beautiful wedding photos! I love Sydney's hair on both days.