Monday, February 23, 2009

False Alarm

In an earlier post, I mentioned Sydney's stomach problems. The nurse at our wonderful pediatrician's office (I really do LOVE our pediatrician) thought she might be manifesting an intolerance for milk. First we took her completely off all milk products. She seemed miraculously healed so then they told me to add back one small diary serving a day. After a week or so with one piece of cheese or one container of yogurt, she was fine. Next we added back small glasses of milk. Still fine. After all this experimenting, we just put her back on her normal diet full of lasagna, mac & cheese, chocolate milk, and all the other dairy she loves. Totally fine. What a pain the past few weeks have been and what a waste of stress. She apparently just had a stomach bug and needed extra time to get over it. I really am glad she isn't lactose intolerant, but I'm a little annoyed at the fiasco we just went through.

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Natalie said...

What a pain! I'm glad she's not lactose intolerant as well, because cooking for someone with special dietary needs would drive me batty.