Monday, February 2, 2009

Gym Therapy

The best way to unwind from a rough day with kids? Do something you enjoy. . .without them. For me, judging gymnastics has been very theraputic the past 6 weeks or so.

Okay, I judge High School gymnastics so they are nowhere near the caliber of gymnast that this little Shawn Johnson is (she is my current fave!) Even though the gymnasts don't WOW me, it is still a lot of fun!
I'm not sure exactly what I love about judging. I guess I miss the gym a lot. Is it silly that it takes me back to my "glory days" as a Ferris gymnast? I miss the smell of chalk, the anxiety before a competition, feeling like I was really good at something, the satisfaction I got from winning a meet (because I had worked so hard to get there but also because it boosted my ego a little.)
Since there is no chance that I could do the stuff I used to do ever again, judging is a way of staying involved in the sport without committing tons of time away from my family to be a coach. Although I miss that too!

I remember the first time I saw the new vaulting table on a competition on TV. It looked so crazy to me. Not too long after that, I went back to coaching and got to play around on one a little. They are way more fun and way more safe than the old vaults. I wish I could have used one when I was good and not post-baby.
Part of me hopes Sydney becomes a gymnast so I can be invovled again. Then I think of all the time and money it takes and I think I won't put her in it unless she really begs me!

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