Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Holey" Cow

Carter has an amazing ability to ruin any and every pair of jeans/pants that we buy him. He left for school one day last week in good Levis and came home looking like this.

Yikes I just realized that it looks like he is flipping us all off in this picture. I got him these jeans for his birthday only 3 months ago. Boys are so hard on things. I have tried Old Navy, Levis, Wrangler, Unionbay, Arizona, some Fred Meyer brand, Oshkosh, etc. and they all end up exactly the same. What to do?

Then the other day, he came home from school and his perfectly new cords were falling off him. He told me that he lost the button when he went to the bathroom. This was our conversation:

Carter: I know I'm not supposed to touch things on the bathroom floor, but I saw it fall and thought I would pick it up so the "Sewing Queen" could fix it.

Mom: That's sweet, do you think I'm the "Sewing Queen?"

Carter: No mom, Grandma Ele is.

Believe it or not, I can sew on a button!


Heather said...

Too funny. I think it is a boy thing. I think Grey is even harder on his clothes than Elliot was. And I think it is great he says, "I know I'm not suppose to touch things in the bathroom..." Such a sanitary young man.

Natalie said...

That is hilarious. Even though he destroys his pants, I'm proud of Carter for remembering that things on the bathroom floor are off-limits. If only my kids would remember that...perhaps you can sew on some of those ultra-retro patches. :)