Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Fun

We don't usually do much for Valentine's Day. (stupid Hallmark holiday says Garth). The kids had lots of fun at their little parties though. Syd got all dolled up in red for her Kindermusik party.
I learned how to do this adorable hair do on my favorite hair blog "She Does Hair." She pointed out the heart in her hair to people all day.
Carter had a little party in Kindergarten as well. They didn't do much but hand out and open Valentines, but there was lots of candy involved so he had a great time! Notice the bright new kindergarten room he is in! They finished phase one of the construction and they got this great new classroom. Carter loves that they have their very own bathroom inside their class!
I had to smile when I saw Carter's Valentine bag. Notice how well the girls on either side decorated their bags. Carter. . .not so much. It's the inside that counts!
On Valentine's day, Garth's brother and wife came over for dinner. Garth made some really yummy ribs and Karyna made an awesome chocolate cake. That's all I need on V-day, a little chocolate. Since I'm pregnant, I didn't even allow myself to feel guilty for the cake I ate that night and the leftover cake we had the following two days. Happy Valentine's Day!


john and amber said...

I LOVE Sydney's hair...so cute! Carter looks all grown up...I would love to see you guys when we come to visit in March. Did you get my email about it?

Nicole said...

That hair is just too cute. WOW!! Nice work!