Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The other day, we were driving home from Kindermusik and the old country song "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" by Sammy Kershaw came on. (Kailee is my brother Jordan's 21 year old girlfriend). Out of the blue Sydney says,

"Kailee is beautifuller than mom."

Carter pipes up and I think he's going to defend me but he says,

"Well she's definitely more H-O-T!"

How am I supposed to compete with a girl that looks this good after a day of skiing? I'm afraid it's a lost cause.


Natalie said...

Kailee is adorable, but wait until she's expecting numero quatro and then have your kids judge. Actually, it may just be a lost cause due to the inherant nature of one's own children...anything is better than what they have! :) I think you're a hot mama, for what it's worth, and this post cracked me up!

Kellogg said...

laugh out loud funny. I agree with Natalie. She has a long road ahead of her and probably a short one with the word HOT in it. So mean I know. Kids sometimes get their priorities mixed up Right?? Right???