Sunday, December 18, 2011

Person I Admire #6

Cami Young


If I could only use one word to describe Cami it would be FUN or maybe SPONTANEOUS.  I met Cami when we moved up North and I showed up for a service project prior to a Relief Society broadcast only to find out there was no such service project.  I ran into Cami and one other lady who had made the same mistake and so we all hopped in a car and went shopping for an hour. 

Turns out Cami was a cheerleader at Ricks and anytime you can compare stories about Shelli (the coach) you bond instantly!  Cami wasn’t just a Ricks cheerleader, she is a cheerleader at heart.  I’m pretty sure she claps and gives me jazz hands whenever I tell her something exciting.  Her enthusiasm and happy spirit are so contagious, you can’t help but be happy around her.  Which explains her 5 amazing kids.  If I had two sets of twins and yet another child, I would be frazzled, anxious, and would probably never go anywhere.  But not the Youngs!  They are always doing big fun things together. 

Cami’s husband is a marriage and family counselor and a professor at Gonzaga.  They took their kids one day to his class so the students could “practice” on the kids.  Someone asked them “What their mom looks like when she is mad” and not one of the kids could come up with anything.  Can you believe that?! I am afraid of the faces my kids might make or the things they might say about me!  I do not believe that Cami has never been mad at her 5 kids but what an amazing example of self-control and handling problems without blowing up! 

I could go on and on about her many talents and qualities I would like to emulate.  She is an amazing mother, wife, and friend and most definitely someone I admire!

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Cami said...

You are so our friendship despite not living closer. That's one thing I love about you..being patient enough with me and my unorganized life & scheduling in times we get to be together..which I wish was more often.