Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rocky Road

My Grandpa Gleyre started Frederickson Fine Candies (a candy store that is still open today in Twin Falls, Idaho) with his brother back in the late 1930’s.  I got to visit the candy shop for the first time when I was in college.  Our cheer squad happened to be cheering at a game in Twin Falls and I mentioned the family shop to my coach.  She couldn’t believe I had never been there so she left everyone else at the hotel and took me and her daughter (my dearest friend and team member) out to find the store.  This was before the days of GPS and Google Maps and in true Shelli form, she just knew we’d be able to find it by driving around.  Sure enough, we made it and my great uncle Jack was there.  He was VERY old and could hardly see but he took me on a little tour and gave me a bunch of free candy.  01-13-2012 02;35;24PM01-13-2012 02;37;08PMBefore my Grandpa and Grandma passed away, they taught some of us a few of their favorite candy recipes.  My mom, sister and I learned the Mint Truffles that I have posted about before,  my Dad mastered the Tender Cashew Toffee (I can make it now too but prefer to have my dad there to save me from making any mistakes), and my cousin Kelly and her husband Tony got to learn the tricks of homemade  marshmallow.  This year I decided it was time that I learn how to make the marshmallow to make Gleyre’s Rocky Road.




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