Monday, December 12, 2011

We Are Thankful

Thanksgiving this year was spent at my Mom’s house which means we got to participate in the candy corn tradition.  We pass around a jar of candy corns and you say what you are thankful for, take a candy, and pass it on.  Here is what we were all thankful for this year (among many other things I am sure!)

IMGP4944 “Candy and Mommy and Daddy” (a common kid response when you are staring down a jar of candy!)

IMGP4945 “My Trains and Mommy and Daddy”

IMGP4947“The earth and Heavenly Father and Jesus.”

IMGP4949 “Homes” Garth asked. . . like your friends or the homes we live in?  “The homes we live in Dad.” insert eye roll at how lame your Dad can be.

 IMGP4951IMGP4954“I’m thankful for my wife for the way she fulfilled her calling and for all that she provides for our family.”



“I am thankful for Primary. . . not just because I was just released and don’t have to do it any more but for the lessons I learned.  For the patience I gained, for the kids that I grew to love (even some tough ones) and for the simple basic truths of the gospel that I was able to teach and gain a stronger testimony of.”

IMGP4943IMGP4950IMGP4956We are grateful that our cousins, Jack, Sadie, and baby Lucy were there since we don’t get to see them very often.  We are grateful that our other cousins ditched the in-law party and came to Grandma’s because they are our great friends!



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