Monday, December 12, 2011

Novels and Nibbles

I am part of the best book club EVER!  We have a type-A, former lawyer, now stay-at-home supermom who organizes us all.  We have book lists to choose our next titles from (of course 6 months in advance) that are 25+ pages long that have a picture of the book, a summary, and the amazon rating. . .if you need a new book to read, I could forward it to you.  We have a BLOG where she posts what we are reading, links to learn more on topics we have read, great recipes, etc.  etc. etc.

In November, we really outdid ourselves and had our best meeting yet when we had an author come to our book club! We were reading Citizen Vince and the author, Jess Walter just happens to have his kids in the same private school as Zibby’s kids (and she just so happened to be hostessing that month.) The stars aligned and he was able to come chat with us. He ate dinner with us (fancy burgers and fries followed by donuts. . .if you read the book, it makes sense why). JessWalter1 JessWalter2

Then he sat with us and talked for 2 hours.  He was so interesting and witty and fun.  I had a total blast.  He even humored us and posed for a couple of pictures.  What an amazing group I am a part of!!!